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Google Workspace is a top-notch productivity app that is used worldwide. And according to the recent Google Workspace statistics, there are over 6 million business customers. This shows that Google Workspace is really an effective tool that helps businesses grow efficiently. Did you know that Gmail is used by 1 billion people around the world, while on the other hand, Microsoft Outlook has fewer users? Today, Google Workspace is the only one that is available in 100 languages. From the technology sector to the education sector, Google has occupied a larger space, and with this, it has become possible for businesses to easily collaborate with each other. Earlier, Google Workspace was known as GSuite.

Everyone’s favourite Google Workspace features and applications.

Google Workspace is the best productivity suite, which includes the following amazing features and apps: To reach milestones in a business, it is mandatory to use the Google Workspace efficiently. Let’s discuss the following features of Google Workspace:

  1. Gmail

Now create and send a personalized and professional email by using Gmail’s email hosting service. All businesses can avail of these benefits. Plus, in Gmail, you can avail of other advantages, such as using the calendar to schedule meetings.

  1. Google Docs, sheets, and slides

Now, you can edit all the documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The main motive of these programs is to enhance team collaboration with the help of easy document sharing, real-time editing, comments, multi-author creation, version checking, and more.

  1. Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can store all your documents and files in one place. All the assets could be shared by sending the file’s link. One can also set permission settings; with this feature, only those people who have been added to the list will be able to use it.

  1. Cloud Search

This is an enterprise-wide search tool through which you can search for various files and documents. You can scroll down any file across your organization.

  1. Google calendar

With the help of Google Calendar, you can easily schedule meetings and directly connect with an entire team. Gmail provides access to all the Google Workspace features, including email reminders for meetings, multiple calendar features, and more.

  1. Google Hangouts and meet

Staying in touch with colleagues and clients has become easier with the help of Meet. In a Google Meet, you can add up to 250 participants on a call. Meet helps in hosting high-quality virtual events.

These are all the features and applications of a Google Workspace. Let’s discuss Google Workspace benefits.

Benefits of Google Workspace

No matter whether you own a small, large, or medium-sized business, To all the businesses, Google Workspace is very important. The following benefits of the Google Workspace are:

  1. Accessibility anywhere, anytime

Google Workspace is a cloud-based platform, and businesses can access it 24/7 from anywhere. Google Workspace apps are compatible with all browsers, and users can use any device to access the Google Workspace features and content. If you have no internet connection in your area, you can also have access to the Google Workspace. This shows that Google ensures your work has been done with proper efficiency.

  1. Industry leading security

Another reason to use Google Workspace is that it provides industry-leading security for businesses. Some of the measures include:

  1. Unlimited data

Google Workspace for businesses gets unlimited data to store all their files, documents, photos, and applications. Moreover, Google Workspace offers data migration tools and services so that you are able to migrate your data securely.

  1. Easy admin governance

It is a powerful tool for managers and business owners, as with it they can control their whole company’s activity. By using the Admin Panel, users can apply restrictions to employee accounts, data, and devices. Also, a report is being prepared on the user’s activity by the Console Report Panel.

  1. Integration with other tools

Google Workspace for business could be integrated with third-party applications as well. It means that a Google Workspace works with external programs like CRM Solutions and a template management platform, for example, Templafy. Did you know that Templafy and Google Workspace work better together and help users create presentations and documents smartly.

  1. Easy website building tool

A website is a means through which businesses are operated, and to gain the trust of customers, it is better to develop a working website. There is one site tool available in Google Workspace that helps businesses develop a website without any coding knowledge. For this, you have the choice to select any template and add the content from a Google Drive, and finally, your website gets ready within a few seconds.

  1. Affordable solution

A budget is a concern for every business. Google Workspace is such a tool that many small businesses could afford. One can save money by using Google Workspace because it includes features like Google Meet and chat, through which a fraction of the cost of communication, convenience, and office setup could be saved. As a result, the remote workers could work easily.

All these are the benefits of Google Workspace for businesses. Now, let’s know which subscription plans are available for this. 

SUBSCRIPTION PLAN: Google Workspace for Business

Google has kept every small and large business in mind and has created plans that are suitable for all kinds of businesses. If you want to buy Google Workspace, you can buy it from an authorized Google Workspace partner.

Various plans available in the Google Workspace for the business are:

  1. Business Starter
  2. Business Standard
  3. Business Plus
  1. Enterprise

Though all the plans help increase the security and productivity of a business, But the most preferred plans chosen by large businesses are Business Plus and Enterprise.


Throughout the blog, we have discussed all the major benefits that it offers to businesses. This shows that Google Workspace offers an advanced solution for businesses. The Google Workspace business starter helps small businesses so that they are able to run their businesses with full efficiency. With it, small businesses could make a website and also review its performance. All the benefits of Google Workspace are available across all kinds of industries.

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