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Introduction- Google Workspace takes your business to the next level:

Future proofing is the process by which business owners can anticipate future challenges so that they can tackle them better. Google Workspace is one of the most favored productivity tools when it comes to handling business. From scheduling appointments to emailing customers and everything in between- Gworkspace is here to meet your business needs. Whether it’s a large scale, medium scale or even a small business with just a newborn entrepreneur starting out his business- here are some tips and tricks you can leverage to make your business a definite success:

Google Workspace’s pricing strategies:

Pricing is one of the most valuable aspects of any marketing strategy. Marketing strategies are designed to attract customers. So there needs to be a proper strategy to make the best decision when it comes to pricing.

Your g suite partner can help you pick the right pricing strategy for your business. These are some of the pricing strategies used by business owners all over the world:

Value based pricing.

Putting a price for a product solely based on how well it satisfies the needs of customers is called value-based pricing. But how do you accurately put a value-based price? Here are some of the tricks you can follow:

Find a product similar to yours in the market. Then find out how much the customers are paying for it.

Now find the dissimilarities between your product and the products already available on the market.

If the differences are positive, place financial value on it. In case the differences turn out to be negative, then you need to subtract the value.

Lastly, justify the price of your product to the customers.

Cost plus pricing.

Cost plus pricing basically means that the overall price of a product will be fixed by adding a fixed percentage to the unit cost of the product.

Co-operative pricing

Co-operative pricing is a strategy used by many entrepreneurs where they decide the price of a product they are selling by looking at the price of a similar product sold by their competitors. Your competitors’ one-rupee increase leads to a similar one-rupee increase of your product. If they are cost cutting their products you also do the same. This is how you maintain the status quo in the business market.

Google Workspace’s branding strategies:

Building a brand is crucial for future-proofing your business. In addition to branding, you also need to strengthen your brand. It’s important for the customers to remember and recall your brand. And therefore, brand recognition is necessary. Brand recognition directly affects your business’s growth and profit.

Product branding.

Product branding is done by creating a brand for a particular product that the entrepreneur wants to sell. Product branding helps in growing the product’s recognition which in turn benefits the business. Product branding is done with the goal of attaining the target of the company.

Service branding.

Service branding is another way of growing your business. Just like product branding, service branding is done to sell services to the customers. In service branding the company focuses on emphasizing the benefits of the services they provide. Businesses such as airlines industry, banks, insurance companies and consulting companies use service branding to ensure their growth in the market.

Brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty helps to retain your customers. Loyal customers can do a lot for your business. Loyal customers will become your business’s word-of-mouth, resulting in new customers taking an interest in your brand. More customers equal to more profit.

Brand consistency.

Brand consistency is essential to strengthening any brand. Brand consistency can be maintained by consistently delivering the same visuals or messaging from all the platforms of your business. This will help in building trust in the audience. Customers’ expectations regarding your brand will grow and as a result your business will stand out in the market.

Corporate branding.

Corporate branding is a powerful marketing tool done with the aim of humanizing your brand so that your customers can relate with your brand. Corporate branding emphasizes various other factors such as tone and purpose of your business, your company’s values, partnership with other businesses, and even makes use of public issues for branding in the form of messaging. Its purpose is to connect with the customer’s emotions.

Customers are emotional. Not all the decisions they make are based on calculations or plannings. It’s important to understand your customers’ psychology in order to do business.

Personal branding.

Personal branding can also be highly beneficial for your business. Google workspace is a platform where you can leverage any branding strategies to up your company’s game. Collaborate with any G Suite partner in order to get ideas on how to do personal branding. Almost all successful and popular business owners do personal branding. One such example is Elon Musk. One great advantage of personal branding is that you can modify it according to your business needs and changed goals.


Co-branding is the coming together of two or more brands to offer either a service or a product to the customers. Co-branding sometimes becomes a completely new brand. Or sometimes it’s just a combination of two or more brands. Business owners can get help from a G suite partner anytime to learn more about co-branding strategies.

Choose the right branding strategy for your business.

So many factors determine which branding strategy will best serve your business. These factors include target audience, type of business, business goals, your competitors, and many more. The right branding strategy will match the purpose of your branding needs. No matter which strategy you choose to imply, you will need to use various tools to make your business run smoothly. Google workspace is specialized in these tools, specially curated to help you collaborate effortlessly with your team. Also, there are many trusted g suite partners in the market to guide you to choose the best business strategy for your company.

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