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Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a popular tool that is used worldwide by businesses and individuals for the purpose of enhancing productivity at the workplace. It is a user-friendly tool that helps businesses carry out their work smoothly. Google Workspace includes various popular applications like Google Docs, Slides, Calendar, Sheets, Gmail, Meet, and Chat. These tools help users improve their efficiency. In 2020, there was 6 million active businesses users that constantly use Gworkspace to connect with their team in real time. It is not only used at businesses but also at schools, colleges, and by the government of India.

One must be wondering why Google Workspace has such a huge fan following. What is unique and new about Google Workspace is that, in a short span of time, it has become the best choice across businesses. If you are thinking about all these kinds of questions, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we will be discussing the top reasons for switching to Gworkspace and its latest features, which make Gworkspace an appropriate software to use.

Top Reasons to switch to Google Workspace:

Though no one can deny the fact that Google Workspace has the potential to manage all your documents and files efficiently, one can control its features for better security. Let’s move on to learn further about the reasons that make Gworkspace a better tool for businesses to use.

  1. Send Branded emails through Gmail

When businesses buy Google Workspace from Google or Gworkspace reseller, they get an exceptional feature, i.e., they can send emails with their own brand name, like Organizations can create different accounts for the different departments, and for the employees, it is the same as consumer Gmail so that they can switch between their personal and professional accounts within no time.

  1. Save and share unlimited files

Saving and sharing files and documents is necessary, and when using Google Workspace, all your files are uploaded to Google Drive. In a consumer version of Drive, one needs to grant access to every user to use a file, whereas with the use of Drive, one does not need to take the time to grant access to the users, as when one shares a file, it automatically grants access to all the team members. And in Business Starter, the storage capacity is up to 30 GB per user.

  1. Real time collaboration

Collaborating in real time has become easier and faster with Google Workspace tools. Though you are working at one place, all the employees who are in different departments and working remotely can also easily collaborate in real time by joining meetings or chatting with the team using Google Chat, which allows employees to easily discuss queries related to projects. And with Google Currents, you can easily communicate about the happenings of organizations, thus engaging employees in an effective manner.

  1. Admin Console

Now it is no longer difficult to manage your Google Workspace accounts, as with the Amin console feature, businesses can simply control their data from a single platform. Block unreliable apps and use two-step verification while accessing the data. While enabling two-step verification, Google sends a code to mobile devices, which a user needs to enter before accessing the data.

  1. Integration with CRM tools

Gworkspace has the capability to integrate with other tools, like customer relationship management tools. This feature allows salespeople to easily conduct meetings with clients. It boosts the efficiency of the employees, thus reducing human errors. All the contact details of clients are shown in Gworkspace, and it easily inserts your CRM data into the sheets.

  1. Develop websites easily

Want to start a new business? Or already have an established business but want to create a new website for new services. Use Google Sites to develop a new webpage with customized themes. Google Sites simplifies your work and helps you create a website that is user-friendly. No programming experience is required for building sites using Google, and it can drag all the content from Google Workspace apps and automatically align it.

  1. Accessible anywhere and at anytime

No matter whether you are working from home or outside a city or country, Google Workspace applications can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Also, you can use any device to access applications. With Google Workspace, businesses or individuals do not need to depend on the internet for the proper functioning of applications.

These are the top reasons why businesses across the world use Google Workspace, and Google keeps on updating its features with each passing year. In our next topic, we will discuss some features that have been updated in 2023.

Latest updates of Google Workspace:

Each year, the features are updated by Google to enhance the effectiveness of the team members. In 2022, Google Workspace’s Google Voice was updated, which helped users suspect a spam call before they picked it up, and the other features related to Google Chat, Meet, and Forms got updated. Now we will dive into the latest features of 2023.

Google chat Updates

  1. Auto correction in Google Chat

Now whenever you send Gmail or chat with your team members or managers, it will allow you to send messages without any grammatical errors as it includes a new feature of auto correction. The corrected words will appear with a grey underline, which will let you know when the autocorrection is followed. This feature is not available for users who are using the English language.

  Docs and Slides update

  1. Zoom in and out capabilities

Google Workspace has updated the zoom feature in slides and Google Docs on the web. One can also zoom in 100% for clarity. Control the view by zooming in and out using the trackpad or mouse wheel.

Meet updates

  1. Different language captions in Google Meet

Earlier, the captions of Meet were available in English only, but from now on, users will be able to customize the captions in Chinese, Gujrati, Bengali, Arabic, Swedish, Marathi, and many other languages.

  1. See the invitees who have not joined the meet.

Though this is a small change, it is quite helpful as it informs the organizer who has joined and who is still left to join the meeting.

Admin Console update

  1. Google Takeout

Google Takeout allows a user to download a copy of the data saved across Google products. Prior to 2023, it was not a part of the admin console, but now it is a part of the admin console, which helps the user switch easily between both applications.

Google Drive updates

  1. Add expiration data to files.

Most people are unaware of this update. While sharing a document, you can add an expiration date. This will help you ensure security and access.

  1. Resolve Trust issues

With this latest update, you can now control who can share the files within and outside an organization in a more appropriate way. Businesses can resolve the trust issue by enabling certain users or organizational departments to share information inside and outside the company and, hence, disabling others to do so.

Wrap Up:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the technologies that are emerging now. These two have made the lives of students, employees, and businesses easier. Google has also recently announced that it will add new ways to generate images and text with AI. In the next few years, Google will also come up with an automatic email generator that will have the capability to write both formal and informal emails.

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