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To ensure that everything in our organization functions properly behind the scenes and to increase team efficiency, we use a wide range of various SaaS products. Google Workspace is undoubtedly a tool that companies today cannot function without! We can confidently state that it is currently the market’s top email option for any company, not to mention the additional capabilities it offers, including Google Drive storage and applications like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Google Workspace, formerly known as Gsuite and Google Apps, is a powerful and enormously well-liked software suite that is crammed with efficiency, business, and educational tools that help millions of people be more productive. Individual workplace use is free, but companies have to pay for extra features like custom names, limitless cloud storage, technical assistance, and other additional services.

It’s also reasonable to say that most of its users are content with the most widely used features but are not entirely aware of how to benefit from all that Google Workspace offers. They might only utilize the preset options and fundamental functions of Gmail, Google Docs, and Spreadsheets, plan their busy days on Google Calendar, and occasionally use Google Slides and Forms.

However, Google Workspace has a much more comprehensive range of possible uses, and we want to assist you in making the most of this daily-used software. Because of this, we have compiled ten time-saving strategies for using Google Workspace like an expert.

  1. Optimize Google Docs.

Among the most popular Google network apps are Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. They are the locations in the Google Cloud where you can develop and work together. Additionally, it’s extensively used for many different tasks like taking notes, recording minutes from meetings, creating to-do lists, and working together on documents. Although most people use the preset options, there are some time-saving shortcuts.

Writing frequently necessitates at least some internet study, so the majority of Google Docs users open a separate browser and look for the information they require. Although it seems simple, there are many possible distractions on every page. Not everyone is aware of the useful feature called Explore, which allows you to find, read, and cite sources through a tiny tab that appears on the side of the page. There won’t be any more internet diversion while working on the research!

Editing pictures without exiting Google Docs is another tool that enables you to remain inside the document throughout the complete content production process. This useful function is not as well recognized as it should be. The process is straightforward. After uploading a picture, clicking on it will open a new menu. Although it’s not particularly sophisticated, it might be adequate for some simple uses.

  1. Design the spreadsheets with Magic.

Google Spreadsheets are not just for people who deal with data and statistics professionally. They can assist with a variety of duties at both work and residence. Although spreadsheets have a reputation for being sophisticated and expert tools, it’s actually quite simple to learn the fundamentals, and there are a number of tricks and strategies to help you make the most of them.

The purpose of macros is to simplify your life by handling tedious chores. It’s preferable to create a macro that will automatically repeat some actions for you rather than conducting the same actions repeatedly. You have a lot more time to do what you enjoy or are good at.

  1. Make Google Calendar your personal assistant.

You can organize your days well with the aid of the Gmail Calendar. Do you occasionally find it difficult to keep up with all of your duties and appointments, and do you think you might benefit from hiring an assistant? Maybe you should, but if you need someone to inform you of your daily plans and to-do list, neither a productivity tool nor an assistant is necessary. You can accomplish all of that using Google Calendar. We believe that more individuals ought to be conscious of this useful component!

Tasks is a new helpful utility from Google that boosts everyday efficiency. It enables the creation of straightforward to-do lists with recurrent duties and subtasks. Your planner also transforms into a straightforward (yet effective) work tool once you save the task and link tasks to it (from the drop-down list that appears on the left).

  1. Maximize Your Use of Gmail.

Professionals typically read and respond to emails during one-third of their working hours. We rarely complete tasks in a single sitting; email alerts frequently prevent us from working efficiently. Fortunately, Gmail has become well-known because of its simple and user-friendly design, but there is always space for growth. Without being an expert user of Google Mail, a few pointers can help you organize your inbox, increase productivity and save time.

  1. Send emails more quickly.

Even though writing an email may only take a few minutes, when you consider how many emails you send each day, you can see just how time-consuming it is. In order to help you get through your email more quickly, Gmail has tools called Smart Compose and Smart Reply that are driven by artificial intelligence. Smart Compose can assist you in writing emails more quickly by providing common phrases or even personalized recommendations as you compose an email. When they do, just select the “Tab” button on the web to approve the recommendations and continue. However, Smart Reply can assist you in responding to emails swiftly by providing you with pre-suggested answers in your inbox. Predictive text can help you save a few seconds here and there, which adds up over time.

  1. Find Handy Add-Ons

The many add-ons that are available for Google Spreadsheets make it possible for it to be even more potent than it already is. Open a file, select Add-ons from the top option, and then choose “Get add-ons” to complete the task straight from the tool. Alternatively, you can look through the vast collection of third-party add-ons that work well with Google Spreadsheets. Install ‘Power Tools,’ one of the most well-liked and useful Add-ons, to divide text, compare data, remove extra spaces, match and combine data, and more. Power tools come in useful if you need to use Google Spreadsheets for working on the text, preferably as much as the figures.

  1. Share Google Contacts

Gmail users cannot, unfortunately, exchange information with one another. When a team relies on Gmail for messaging users, customers, or prospects but is unable to use a single synchronized Gmail contacts database, it creates a major bottleneck. This problem is resolved by Shared Contacts for Gmail, which enables team members to exchange and edit contacts while also managing permissions. The software is simple to obtain from the company’s Google Workspace Marketplace and integrates with Gmail without any issues.

There is a brand-new shared contact directory available for use in Google Contacts. If you use Google Workspace, you can be confident that it is a complete solution that enables you to manage different folders, create and share different kinds of files, and work with text, numbers, and graphic content. You can also use it to maintain your current schedule and do other things. However, Google’s designers and programmers are unable to meet everyone’s requirements, so they permit third-party tools to fill in the blanks and improve the collection.

  1. Automatically assign folders a priority.

Moving files from physical storage to online storage can reduce congestion, but finding your files in the cloud still requires some skills and tools. The “Priority” choice in Drive’s left-hand navigation employs machine learning to rapidly anticipate and surface essential files for you. Additionally, it may recommend “workspaces” that group relevant documents collectively to aid in maintaining your attention on particular tasks. In this manner, when you launch Drive, your most crucial items are immediately visible.

Downloading the “Quick Search for Google Drive” Chrome app is another choice for locating files fast. Set up this extension to look for Drive files directly from the search box of your Chrome browser.

  1. No PIN codes to schedule and attend sessions.

You shouldn’t chain yourself to your workstation just because you’re attending a conference call. The Hangout link and a dial-in number are immediately added to the request when you use Calendar to plan a meeting in Hangouts Meet, allowing you to join the meeting with just one click from your computer. As a result, unless guests want to dial in using a phone, you won’t need to give them complex PIN codes. However, don’t fear; you are also protected there. For your convenience, dial-in numbers are also immediately filled in the schedule invitation. Additionally, you can access Hangouts from virtually anywhere if you add the Meet application to laptops and phones.

Suppose your workplace is bigger and you have more workers. In that case, Calendar’s automated room scheduling function discovers and recommends the best-suited rooms for you to book, as well as any available equipment in each room, like displays or A/V equipment. If you need to arrange a meeting rapidly, it’s useful. To use this function, your IT administrator must first enter the meeting room information.

  1. Take a picture to record information.

A photo doesn’t necessarily need to express a thousand words to save you precious time while traveling. You can capture photos with Keep and add them to your notes and to-do lists. Writing out lengthy notes is much slower than taking pictures, and pictures can convey much more information than words.

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