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Every small and large business needs to increase their productivity, and for this, they need the best tool that can allow them to save time. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are rivals. And during COVID 19, usage has increased very much, and some of them like Microsoft, whereas others may find Google Workspace a comfortable and productive platform. Over the past years, Google has been a prominent choice among small and medium-sized businesses, and it is because Google Workspace is a cost-effective platform, and it is easy to use. Did you know? Google Workspace is used by 3 billion people around the world, and it will not be surprising if the numbers increase by double in the coming years.

In this blog, we will discuss how Gworkspace has improved over its competitors and which Gworkspace tips you should follow every day to save time.

How Gworkspace has come over its other competitor?

Managing the productivity of businesses is an important aspect. And it becomes really crucial for businesses to invest their money and time in an office suite as it helps businesses better collaborate with each other. With the best office suite app, businesses can reduce the risk of data loss, which will lead to an increase in productivity. Google Workspace provides the next level of experience to the employees, increasing productivity and collaboration beyond the office workplace. There are a number of reasons why businesses are or have switched to Google Workspace. And some of these reasons are:

  1. Easy to use:

Google’s main motive is to make the tools and apps simpler to use, in comparison to Microsoft 365. Google Workspace is easy to use. For example, Google Docs get automatically saved in Google Drive without even saving them properly into the system. This shows that Google Workspace works and concentrates on the core activities that allow businesses to increase their productivity.

  1. Gmail:

Small businesses often opt for Gmail over Outlook, as Gmail is an affordable option and allows users to send 25MB attachments on emails. Besides, one gets 30 GB of storage per user, and for safety purposes, it lets you check when and how your account was used for the last time.

  1. Google Workspace apps:

Every Google application, like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, is available in mobile versions. Users can edit their files from anywhere and at any time. This increases one’s efficiency at work.

  1. Collaboration:

We all know how important it is for teams to collaborate, and according to the research, it was found that employees are unable to complete their work because of a lack of collaboration. And there are 84% of the users who edit their documents during the meeting.

  1. Mobility:

Working from anywhere and at any time of the day is a trend. And it is believed that around 76% of Google Workspace users complete all their tasks on mobile devices, whereas only 61% of Microsoft users use mobile phones to edit and accomplish their work.

And the reasons why Gworkspace is selected by businesses are because of its integrations with other apps and its pricing. Gworkspace is available at reasonable prices from GSuite resellers.

Top Gworkspace Tips to be followed to save time.

  1. Customize your Google Chrome search screen:

Are you finding an app again and again as it is used every day? If yes, stop doing it, as there is one tip that can save you time. To avoid it, you can now add the shortcuts to the applications or links on your Google Chrome page. For this, click on the Add shortcut and then insert the name as well as the hyperlink to the website you want to add. This tip will save you time.

  1. Tired to see red underlines on specific words?

We know that even if you have written an email or document correctly, Google still spots some of the errors, and this makes everyone of us irritated, and no one would like to waste their time correcting them again and again. We have one tip to overcome this irritating situation. Add a new Google Doc page and follow the following steps:

And now, you can add as many words as possible. But yes, make sure that there are no spelling mistakes.

  1. Don’t type, just speak:

You may lag if you keep on typing, and you may also miss some of the important points while typing. Now, it is easy for the user to never miss an important point by choosing the voice feature over the text. Enjoy the voice feature by selecting Tools > Voice on the Google Doc page. Make sure that Google is typing everything as per your requirements. This shows that Google smartly allows users to use the technology.

  1. Make use of Keyboard shortcuts:

Some of the popular keyboard shortcuts that we all know are how to write in bold or italic fonts. For this, you need to select Ctrl+B, whereas for italics, Ctrl+I. We are all aware of these shortcut keys, but did you know there are many other keys that can be used to accomplish your work quickly? For this, select Ctrl/, and all the shortcut keys will be displayed.

  1. Now, search your files quickly:

It is for sure that if you operate your business, there are multiple files that are saved to your devices. A situation may come when you need a file that was saved one year ago, and if your file is saved into Google Drive, you need not waste your time scrolling. Just open Google Drive and click on the arrow that appears on the right side, and a tool will appear in which you can fill in all the details, like the type, owner, location, and the data on which it was modified. By adding all these details, it will allow you to find your files quickly.

  1. Share files before hosting a meeting:

Make your work easier and enhance your productivity. When you add and send a meeting schedule among your co-workers or team members, Don’t forget to add a file that will give them a glimpse of the discussion in a meeting. Attaching a document will allow all to have access, and they will be present on the same page during the discussion in the meeting. This will save your time as well as the time of the employees. It is a smart and effective tip that should be followed.

  1. Maximize your email attachments:

It is very hectic to send an email again and again, as we know that with Gmail, we can send attachments up to 25 MB. And this traditional method is now being replaced. Instead, now attach files up to 10 GB in a mail. Follow these steps:

  1. Undo sent emails:

Have you ever sent the wrong email? I think everyone of us has faced this issue and regretted afterwards that we sent the wrong email. What if I say that you can unsend that email? Isn’t it good news? Yes, you can now undo the email if it includes an error. Just click on the undo notification at the bottom of the page. Also, you can customize the cancellation period of an email.

  1. Save time in writing:

Now you can save time in writing an email and sending replies by enabling the options of Google’s Smart Compose and Smart Reply, which make use of Google algorithms and offer a user certain suggestion of words and phrases that should be used. It will also reduce typing errors.

  1. Save your confidential information:

Gmail is also used to share some sensitive information. But some of you may find it risky to do this, as there are chances that someone might forward, copy, or download it. Avoid these risks while activating the confidential mode from the Google Admin console. This will save you time, as when confidential information is secured, there are fewer risks of data loss.

  1. Secure your data:

To ensure the security of all the staff devices, make use of Google Endpoint, which saves business data even in the worst situation of mobile loss. With the endpoint feature, businesses can lock and wipe off all their business data remotely. This allows one to save time and money, as cyberthreats take a lot of time and money to recover.

Bottom Line

We hope that these tricks might work well for you, and by using them, you will be able to increase productivity and save time. Follow all these tips and use the Google workspace with full efficiency. Gworkspace is a better tool that is used across many businesses, regardless of their size. After all, the main motive of the Google Workspace is to make everyone’s tasks easier and increase productivity and efficiency.

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